Common Causes of Home Plumbing Issues

January 15th, 2017

There are situations where plumbing emergencies are simply unavoidable – things happen, and even the best hardware and maintenance can fall victim to natural wear and tear over time.

At Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, though, we’ve learned something over years and years of providing top notch plumber services to all of Utah: Many issues are caused by poor habits around the home or business. Just a few of the wrong habits can put your system at hugely increased risk of a problem. Here are a few of those habits, and alternative approaches to take.

Toilet Use

Perhaps our most common call ends up being for a drain clog caused by people flushing things they shouldn’t have down the toilet. Those warnings about only flushing toilet paper down are there for a reason, folks: Flushing other items can cause a blockage in a hurry.

Feminine products, cotton balls and all sorts of other things are commonly found in toilet drains. They don’t belong there! Those pipes aren’t meant to dispose of those types of products in the same way they are for toilet paper, which is designed to break down in water over time.

Sink and Garbage Disposal

It’s important to strike the right balance around the sink and garbage disposal. On the one hand, you absolutely must use the disposal regularly to prevent clogs and stench buildup from food scraps, and this is perfectly fine with proper running water.

On the other hand, overuse of the disposal is a bad thing. Just like the toilet drain, this isn’t simply a catch-all receptacle for anything you can fit down there. Many larger or thicker items can clog it and create big issues, and certain substances like oils and fat should never go down the drain at all (they can cause hardening).

Hidden Pipes

This is only for people who like to make home improvements or may be using a drill or hammer in the walls for any reason. In these cases, you have to be diligent about damaging pipes or valves behind walls you can’t see.

Product Overuse

Typically involving drain cleaning products, many people are a bit too aggressive with their home remedies for clogs and other plumbing issues. Overusing drain cleaners every time there’s even a minor backup for a few seconds is a quick way to cause corrosion in the drain, and there are times where this can make the clogs worse once they finally do happen for real. Too many chemicals in drains can mess with waste-eating bacteria in your septic tank, which could cause a main line backup.

Want to know more about this, or any of our other professional plumbing services? The plumbers at Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical are awaiting your call.