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HVAC problems can pop up at any time, and often right when you need your AC unit or furnace the most. It takes a professional to ensure your home’s temperature is consistent throughout the year. At Expert Services, our transparent pricing, 24/7 customer services, and trustworthy technicians ensure our customers get quality HVAC help every time they call. From regular maintenance and repairs to fully installing new HVAC units, our experts have got you covered.


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Your home’s HVAC system is responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable all year long. Whether you’re blasting the AC during Utah’s hot summers or keeping things toasty in the winter, your HVAC needs to be operating in top shape at all times. But every commercial HVAC system needs to be repaired, or even fully replaced, at some point. That’s where our experts come in. We have a team of experienced professionals at the ready 24/7 to take care of all of your Utah HVAC needs and make sure your home’s temperature is comfortable and consistent throughout the year.

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A new furnace is a great investment for any property. Old models often burn more money than they’re worth—installing a new unit will ensure your furnace is running at peak efficiency and keep your winter energy bills low. If your furnace decides to break in the middle of the night, we can have a technician come over and install a new one anytime. Taking into consideration your budget and home’s heating needs, we’ll provide you with a furnace recommendation you can trust and install a new unit that keeps your home warm during Utah’s cold winters.

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Having your furnace go out in the middle of a cold, Utah winter isn’t something anyone wants to experience. Expert Services is here to fix your furnace for you no matter when it decides to break. Our team can provide fast and reliable furnace repairs to any Utah HVAC system. Our 24/7 service ensures prompt service by one of our experienced and trustworthy technicians anytime. Whether it’s an issue with the thermostat or your furnace keeps short-cycling, our experts can diagnose the problem and repair your furnace quickly to get your home feeling warm and cozy again.

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Most AC units last for around 15 years. But odd noises, increased energy bills, and uneven cooling throughout your home are all signs your AC unit needs an upgrade. When your AC unit decides to kick the bucket, isn't providing you with the indoor comfort you deserve anymore, or is costing you more than you want, you’ll want to call the experts right away. We’ll replace your old AC system with a new unit that fits your air conditioning needs flawlessly. Our friendly and professional staff can get your new system up and running fast—providing you with increased savings, a quieter AC experience, and cool air that reaches every nook and cranny in your home.

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Utah’s hot and dry summers can make living without an air conditioner in your home for even a few hours seem like an eternity. If your AC unit is emitting strange noises, has poor airflow, or is making your energy bills skyrocket, our technicians can come to the rescue and get your AC unit back up and running correctly in no time. With our upfront pricing guarantee and a team of patient technicians willing to answer any of your questions, you can feel confident your AC unit will be repaired quickly and efficiently.

1. Your HVAC units are very noisy

Fully functioning HVAC units should be no louder than the light rumbling produced by the pumps and fans. If your system is noticeably louder than normal, this could indicate an HVAC issue that needs attention. Whether this is due to a damaged indoor coil or a clogged duct system, it is best to call an expert ASAP.

2. Your energy bills are higher than usual

When functioning at their peak, your HVAC units will produce consistent energy bills. However, if the unit becomes damaged or gets too old, it cannot run properly anymore. Because of this, you’ll generally be running your AC or heating system more than usual to compensate, producing higher energy bills.

3. Your AC unit is 10 years or older

Like all things, your AC unit has an expiration date. Most plumbers suggest that 10 years is the longest you should keep your cooling system before replacing it. When units get too old, their efficiency goes down and their costs go up. Additionally, they’re more prone to damage which could result in even more unwanted costs.

4. Your furnace is 15 years or older

Similar to an AC unit, your furnace or boiler has a definite timeline as well. 15 years is the commonly suggested expiration date. When switching your heating system, consider looking at more energy-efficient options. Chances are, in the 15 years you’ve had a furnace, more cost-effective options have come on the market.

5. The temperature in your home is noticeably inconsistent

While some temperature fluctuation from room to room is normal, noticeable temperature differences are not. If you can feel obvious changes in temperature throughout your home, a faulty HVAC system may be to blame. This could be due to duct congestion, improper operation, or damage to hardware in the unit. Whatever it may be, calling a professional is the best course of action.

5 Common Signs Your HVAC System Needs An Upgrade

Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t last forever. And whether it’s because they break or they’ve just run their course, chances are your unit will need an upgrade at some point. Here are some telltale signs that call to Expert Services is in your future.


HVAC systems are not simply sized off of the square footage of a home. For the most efficient system, sizing is done by a trained technician that takes several factors into consideration, including the number of vents in the home, insulation type, window sizes, and other specifics.

HVAC system service should happen before the start of each season; ideally at least twice a year. Air filters should also be replaced every 2-3 months.

Most HVAC manufacturers’ warranties are 10 years for parts warranties, as well as either a limited warranty or up to 20 years on heat exchangers when registered.