Best Electrical Upgrades for Your Home, According to our Experts

March 28th, 2022

When considering any electrical upgrades in Utah or renovations to your home, we understand you’re concerned with many aspects. These include cost, sustainability, practicality, and even your personal style. You’re thinking about the best solution for your home’s needs, and that’s where our professional electricians come in! 

We invite you to keep reading about the best electrical upgrades in Utah, according to our experts:

Smart Outlets As technology advances, so should your home’s charging sources. Many homeowners are requesting smart outlets and USB power outlets throughout their homes, especially in their kitchen islands, by their nightstands, including in-drawer outlets. With so many devices requiring USB charging, it’s a clever upgrade to any home. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, more and more people are upgrading their garages into home charging stations. Technically called Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), this wall-mounted box has a cord and plug that supplies the electricity to your car. Our experts supply power for electric vehicle charging in Utah, call us today for more information!

Spa Panel To ensure the utmost level of safety for yourself and others when using a hot tub or spa at home, we often recommend what’s known as a spa panel. In addition to many other benefits, a spa panel provides protection from electrical shock and allows you to safely perform maintenance.

Outlets for Bidet Toilet Seats If you’re considering a bidet toilet seat, Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical has the knowledge and skillset to help you. We understand the numerous models and brands on the market can be quite overwhelming for customers. Depending on size parameters and electrical requirements, it can be extremely useful to have outlets installed behind your toilet to power your bidet. 

LED Can Lights With an exceptionally long lifespan and high energy efficiency, LED can lights are a sought-after customization. One regular can light can use the same power as six LED can lights, so they cut power costs considerably. Talk to one of our experts about the benefits of LED lighting.  

Backup Power Systems Whole-home generators or portable generators can keep your family safe and comfortable during a power outage.  We can install whole-home generators with automatic power switches that include a transfer switch that redirects electric power, preventing power surges that can damage your appliances and circuits. This important switch has a set of controls that allow you to power the home appliances you need the most. We can also install plug-ins for portable generators and manual transfer switches for a fraction of the cost.

Soffit Outlets for Christmas Lights Having soffit (home exterior) outlets for your Christmas lights can be a game-changer. It can also eliminate the need for extension cords, enabling you to upgrade your holiday lighting display, and use power garden tools with ease. 

Upgraded Power Supply for a Workshop or Garage It’s imperative to have the proper power supply for a workshop or garage that fits the needs of your specific craftsmanship and tools. Our Utah electricians are happy to provide you with a quote today!

No matter what electrical renovations you’re looking to make to your home, you deserve the worry-free and quality service our experts provide. Call us at (801) 224-8118 today to get started!