Getting the best water heater for your home

March 20th, 2017

Getting the best water heater for your home

You know the feeling. You are third in line for the shower and you know the dish washer has already been run this morning. You jump to try to get a relaxing hot shower during all the hustle and bustle. And then are awaken and shocked by a blast of ice cold water.

Hot showers aren’t the only reason to need hot water though. Like the afore mentioned dish washer, if you don’t have hot water, they just don’t get clean enough. How frustrating is it to run load after load of dishes and they just don’t get clean enough because the water isn’t hot? You are just flushing money and water down the drain.

And what about clothes in a clothes washer? If you don’t have hot water and need professional help, you should call a Plumber in Salt Lake City to help you choose the hot water heater that is right for you. You will no longer have to worry about getting into that super cold shower. That can ruin your day in a hurry.

Choosing a Water Heater

What should you look for when deciding which hot water heater is right for you? A Plumber in Salt Lake City can help you make that determination, but there are a few things you should ask yourself when deciding which hot water heater is the best for your house and the needs you have.

If you just go to some large home center and look around aimlessly for the right hot water heater, you may never find what you are looking for. This can be frustrating and a giant waste of you time. Don’t waste your time or your valuable resources when help is just around the corner. Salt Lake City Utah plumbers knows which hot water heater is right for you based upon your consultation.

Factors in Choosing a Water Heater

Some of the things your plumber will go over are related to your home:

  • First they’ll want to know what your home’s fuel sources are. Do you use electricity or gas? Is the home on solar panels or hooked up to the grid?
  • What are the home’s hot water needs?
  • How many people are in the home?
  • How many bathrooms are in the home?
  • What is the square footage of the home?
  • They will want to check the compatibility of your home with different hot water heaters. If you have a certain budget, then some hot water heaters will not be good for you. This is unfortunate as everyone should have the hot water heater they need. Everyone should be able to get home from a long days hard work and jump into a hot shower.

What if you have a hot tub? Depending on your set up, you might need a really efficient hot water heater and one of our plumbers in Salt Lake City will help you decide which hot water heater is the right one for your home. Having the biggest and best hot water heater isn’t necessarily the best thing, either. This will depend on how much need you have and what you require to run your household. If you do spend money on a hot water heater that is too big and too much for your home, you are just wasting money for no good reason.

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

You might want to choose a water heater that is better at energy-efficiency. Our Plumbers will tell you that now more than ever is a great time to be more energy-efficient. With energy costs on the rise, every penny saved counts. Also, some people worry about the sustainability of certain products, and they want to choose the best product for the planet. These are all things to discuss with our plumber in Salt Lake City to determine what is best for you.

We offer water heaters that are very energy efficient and are Energy Star qualified. There is also the potential of getting a tax write-off by installing one of these Energy Star qualified water heaters.


If these things don’t concern you, and you want to the luxury of having a great hot shower whenever you want while you do a load of laundry and wash a bunch of dishes in the dishwasher, there is a hot water heater out there for you. Getting a new hot water heater might just be the new addition to your home to add value that wasn’t there before.

A hot water heater should be good for fifteen to twenty-five years, and this knowledge should be used when taking different hot water heaters into account. It is a purchase that will affect you for many years to come and you want to make the right choice. That is why Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical can help you out and determine what you need for your home. The choice might not be an easy one to make and for the value of your home and your peace of mind you do not want to make a bad decision.

Getting the best water heater for your home