Have You Had Your HVAC System Checked Lately?

July 15th, 2016

Most people aren’t HVAC experts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a little more about how your HVAC system works. Understanding the system can help you identify potential problems, or spot risks before they become a problem, and call in a repair company to avoid more expensive issues later.

The wrong time to wish you had done some preventive maintenance is when you wake up in the middle of a below-zero-temperature night without a furnace, or suffer through a triple-digit-heat day without your air conditioner (especially since these are often the most difficult times to find someone available for emergency repairs). Here are some things homeowners can check for to determine if you need professional HVAC repairs.

When Was the Last Maintenance Visit?

Perhaps the best indicator that you need to schedule a quick maintenance call with your HVAC company is when it’s been a while since your last check-up. Guarding against future breakdowns is easier when you have an air conditioning or heating professional checking your system regularly to make sure it’s in good shape, checking electrical connections, hoses, belts, lubricants, and other moving parts. The best times to schedule maintenance visits are actually the in-between seasons, since these will be slow times for HVAC repair companies.

Have You Changed the Filter Recently?

Another way to ensure that your system continues working as well as possible is pretty simple—check and replace the filters on a regular basis for both your heating and forced-air systems. Filters should be changed about once every three months, although you may need to check it more often during heavy-use seasons like the middle of summer and winter. If you’re not sure, ask an HVAC professional for advice.

Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Clean and Clear?

Air conditioners cool your home inside, but the main components of the system are often contained inside a small unit that sits off to the side of your home on the exterior. Since it’s outside, this unit can become clogged with dirt and debris, so it’s important to check it regularly and have it cleaned. A professional air conditioning repairman can help check components like the compressor and condenser, ensuring all the parts are working properly. Between maintenance visits you can check to make sure debris and other items are cleared around two or three feet around the unit.

Are Your Energy Bills Going Up?

It can sometimes be difficult to know when you will need to replace your unit, but one sign that it’s not working the way it should is an unexplained increase in your monthly energy bills, especially if that’s combined with an inability to get the system to keep your home cool enough or warm enough. It could just be a small problem you can repair, such as leaky ducts, poor insulation, or the need for new weather sealing, but if your unit is older and these small fixes don’t help, you may need to replace the unit.

Call an HVAC company in Utah today if you think you might need maintenance on your existing unit, or you’re looking to replace your current unit.