How to Hire an Electrician Like a Pro

October 21st, 2021

How To Hire An Electrician


Finding a good, qualified electrician can be a tricky task. The right electrician is someone you trust and can have an ongoing relationship with. Anytime you need electrical work done, it is ideal to have a go-to person. While there are many quality electricians in the workforce, there are also some who are not as great. To be sure that you’re hiring the best of the best, consider the tips outlined in this guide.



Why Hire An Electrician 


While some DIY electrical work is no big deal, e.g. changing a lightbulb, other tasks can be extremely dangerous if attempted by a layperson. Not only does DIY electrical work run the risk of physical harm through electrocution, but one small misstep and the entire electrical system could be ruined. To save money and headaches, consider hiring a licensed electrician to handle your electrical work. 

What type of work does an electrician do?


Electricians handle work that relates to the electrical systems of residential and commercial buildings. This can include electrical work as small as repairing a fuse that keeps malfunctioning to something as large as wiring a newly built house. For the most part, most electricians handle the following tasks:


  • Inspecting electrical systems
  • Installing lighting systems
  • Implementing security systems 
  • Repairing any electrical malfunctions
  • Troubleshooting issues with household appliances
  • Reading and implementing wiring diagrams
  • Training and managing other electricians 
  • Staying up to date with state electrical safety codes


What makes an electrician qualified?


An electrician needs to go through various career levels before finally becoming what is called a “master” electrician. While you can hire an electrician who hasn’t achieved the final level of mastery, those who have can provide more educated insights. The more educated and experienced your electrician is, the smoother your electrical repairs will be. 



  • Apprentice
    Apprentice is the first stage in becoming a certified electrician. To qualify, you must have either received your high school diploma or GED. Then you can apply for an apprenticeship under a certified electrician and begin training.


  • Journey-level
    Once an apprentice has amassed roughly 8,000 hours of experience, they can make the step up to journey-level. Journey-level electricians are licensed to work on industrial and commercial electrical projects.


  • Master
    Master electrician is the highest level of certification. Most can achieve this career level after about 4,000 hours, the equivalent of two years of fieldwork, of being a journey-level electrician. Additionally, depending on the state, some require the passing of an exam before bestowing this level of mastery. 


How do I find a good electrician?

There are a variety of avenues in finding a good electrician. These can range from in-person communications to online inquiries. There is no right method or process that will ensure success as long as you do thorough research. Ultimately how you find your electrician is less important than the quality of said electrician. 


  • Word of mouth
    Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about good, qualified electricians. Especially from those you trust, asking around offers real-life opinions of the electricians in the area.


  • Google search
    Like with all things, Google can offer a wide net of options. When it comes to electricians, looking up something similar to “electricians near me” can find a variety of companies. 


  • Look Up Reviews
    Looking at review platforms, like Google reviews, is a strong method of sorting out the good from the bad. While there may be some flukes in terms of bad experiences with good electricians, for the most part, the average reviews of a particular person or place are indicative of the experience.


What should I look for in an electrician?

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of electricians, there are various things you should look into to ensure that you are hiring the best, most qualified option. 



  • Permits
    Depending on where you live, some states and municipalities require certain permits and licenses to work as an electrician. Ensuring that your electrician is up to date on all their licenses can help in avoiding any legal issues.

  • Liability Insurance
    Experienced electricians will have personal liability insurance. This is a precaution that will help the electrician stay protected from financial loss. Often this insurance is actually required to even set foot on a project site.

  • Experience
    The best electricians are ones that have many years of experience under their belt. For the best results, you’ll want to find a person or a team that has similar experience to the work that you need done. This ensures that your electrician is capable of doing what you have requested.

  • Budgets
    Different electricians may charge various amounts for the work they do. To find a good match, be sure to ask for quotes on the work you need done. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you feel like you’re stuck with a dishonest electrician who is asking for more than the typical amount for typical work. 

  • Worker’s Compensation
    Electrical work can come with the risk of physical harm. Established and licensed electricians should have a policy in place that covers them in the event of an injury. This protects both them as a worker and you as an employer. 

  • Training
    Generally, the best electricians are the ones who have completed a type of training or schooling. As aforementioned, electricians generally have to go through a series of career levels that ensure they have the proper training to be successful electricians. 


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