Plumbing Problems May Require a Plumbing Contractor

September 10th, 2012

Why is there a Need to Hire Plumbing Contractors?

You go to a dentist if you have troubles with your teeth, gums, tongue or mouth, in general. Do you just go to a dental technician, someone who has not passed the dentistry board examination and let him or her check you out? No, you don’t do that, right? You go to a doctor if you require a physical checkup or if you are not feeling well and need a prescription. Do you just go to a pharmacy and buy whatever medicine you can think of? No, you don’t do that, right? Now, you go to plumbing contractors if you have plumbing needs.

When Do I Need to Call a Plumbing Contractor?

Some common problems found with plumbing include:

  • Toilet tank leaks; plumbing parts inside the tank or seals may need replacing.
  • Rattling pipes; may be caused by several factors, most commonly because they are not sufficiently secured or strapped to the wall frame. The pipes may need to be properly secured.
  • Slow drains; may be partially clogged. If a kitchen sink, the dishwasher may be improperly plumbed. The drain may need to be unclogged, or the dishwasher plumbing corrected.
  • Loss of hot water when another faucet is turned on; especially in older homes when hot and cold water pressures are not balanced. A pressure balance valve may be required.

Do you just fix your leaky faucets and noisy pipes all by yourself? No, you don’t do that, right? In every type of service that you require, you need a specialist who can do the job well for you. Your leak and pipe problems are issues to be dealt with in an instant especially if your home is concerned. Your family is there with you. The home must be a solace for all of you and not something that can stress you out more with major leak problems and pipe noises. To make sure these plumbing repair problems are properly addressed, or when doing a remodeling project, you may want to enlist the services of a licensed plumber in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What are basic plumbing works? Gutter cleaning, shower head leak fixing, unclogging simple drains and installation of showers or faucets inside the home are examples of basic plumbing. But before you jump to the first plumbing contractors to offer their services to you, there are things you need to know first regarding plumbing needs. There are two, namely, basic plumbing and specialized plumbing. Basic plumbing can be done by almost anyone, even you! It is not illegal in the United States to practice basic plumbing at home because it is just an acquired skill but remember that there is always a risk of not being able to do it properly. Still, anyone willing can learn the skill.

Anyway, in choosing your contractors, remember these TIPS:

  1. Ask for their ID and certification. Ditch those plumbers without the necessary papers. You have to be very cautious and picky because your life is at stake here.
  2. Most professionals that perform a great job are on the internet with testimonials and reviews written by past clients. Indulge yourself in studying these plumbing contractors based on other people’s comments. You can decide after that which contractor will best suit you.

Specialized plumbing such as gas supply, heater systems and shower systems installation are more complicated and thus require those with certification and proper training with study on the matter. Plumbing contractors who have passed the Plumbing Apprenticeship Training Programs are the only ones allowed to practice these specialized plumbing works. They have the legal documents and the schooling appropriate for such jobs.

These plumbers professionals have a State Board of Plumbing Exam ID to show that they have passed the examination. Also, this type of plumbing service does not come cheap. Plumbing contractors are in charge of keeping your home safe for you and your children to live in. that reason alone cannot compensate for any amount of plumbing fee, correct?

Here are some of the most Common Services that You can get from a Plumbing Contractor

  • Plumbing System Repairs and Maintenance – this is a service that can also be provided by a plumber. Although a plumber would be a better option, since they are specialized in repairs and maintenance, there are still a lot of advantages that you can get from a plumbing contractor.
  • Plumbing Supplies and Equipment – if you need supplies or replacement for your plumbing system, you need to know a place where you can get the tools that you need. However, if you are only going to hire a plumber, you’ll need to spend time in finding a store that can provide you with competitive pricing.
  • On-Site Inspection – a plumber can also have it done for you, but some of them will be charging you with a fee. If you are going to get a plumbing contractor, they can provide this service for free, for as long as you are going to purchase everything that you need from their store and that you will be getting their service for maintenance and repairs.
  • Free Estimate and Quote if you are going to contact a plumbing contractor, they will be asking you about the problem that you are experiencing, and other factors that can affect the price of the service. This will help you get an idea of how much you will be spending for their service, and will also help you create a budget for it.
  • New Construction – A remodeling project might include new plumbing design or new plumbing installation. You will want to meet with the Plumber in Salt Lake City and all contractors involved and develop a timeline, so everyone works together and the project goes smoothly. From your bathtub to your toilet, all water must be disposed of properly or immense problems can arise. A professional plumber can help you design the best layout for your home that will fully equip the area with everything you need, including drains and faucets. In kitchens, similar water ways can be installed with addition to extra accessories such as a garbage disposal or dish washer.

There are a lot of services that you can get from a plumbing contractor, but you still need to make sure that you will be carefully checking the contractor that you are going to hire, and make sure that they have the capability to fix your problem. This will prevent you from having problems in the future, which can also be life-long issues that you have to deal with whenever you are staying inside your home. Before taking bids from potential plumbing contractors, make sure you have detailed plans. Provide each candidate with an identical copy of the plans. Rule of thumb is to get at least three different bids for a project.

Complete Service

There are specific situations when you need services of a complete service provider instead of an individual plumber. There are several advantages of hiring these contractors. There can be so many related issues that cannot be taken lightly and need immediate and quick attention. Plumbing is also a serious task and this will be proved when you will hire one of these plumbing contractors for fixing your problems in a quick and effective manner.

  • When there is a major plumbing issue: Suppose the entire drainage system of your house or establishment has been clogged. For problems like replacing faulty septic systems, replacement of leaky pipes and complete reconstruction of shower drains, radiator heating systems etc., you need to hire such contractors. An individual plumber may not prove such useful to fix the problem. In such a case, you may need to call a plumbing contractor who along with his team and a variety of equipment will quickly find a solution and decongest your drain pipes.
  • For quick solutions of emergency situations: There can be several emergency situations that may pop-up in that the homeowners would not expect. In such situations, you need a fast remedy and a plumbing contractor would be your best choice. Suppose there is a sudden leak in your gas connections or there is a gas leak into your heating systems. In such situations, you need their services to fix the gas control valves and ensuring prevention against any accidents.
  • When you are constructing a new building: It requires lots of efforts, planning, techniques and experience to install a complete plumbing solution in a building. In many cases, it’s already an important part of architectural planning. So, if you are going to have a long-lasting solution in your building that would keep working flawlessly for years, you need to hire a Plumber in Salt Lake City for efficient plumbing service provider.

Ask candidates if they are licensed to do plumbing. Also request references. Ask each candidate when they could start, and when the project would be completed. Take the time to check references on other projects they have completed. When you are in need of a plumbing contractor you should contact a company that you can trust. All types of plumbing leak repairs can be repaired in a timely manner with our highly trained technicians.