Ready to Install a New Toilet? We Can Help!

August 15th, 2016

Many homeowners dream of redoing one of the bathrooms in their home. If you have ever wanted to redo a master bath, half bath, or guest bath, then you probably have some design ideas in mind. Adding new fixtures is probably the best way to get a fully up-to-date style in your bathroom, but installing new sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets really should be left to the professionals. The team at Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical has helped many homeowners improve their bathrooms by quickly installing brand new toilets to replace fixtures that are old, broken, or simply no longer meeting the needs of the family. Everything can be taken care of in less time than you imagine.

Replacing a Commode

Several stages are involved in the successful installation of a new toilet:

  • Tank and bowl must be emptied before any work begins.
  • The water line serving the commode has to be turned off.
  • Portions of the existing commode should be disassembled for more efficient removal.
  • The floor is prepped for commode removal.
  • Commode is raised out of position.
  • Old commode is removed from the bathroom and properly disposed of.
  • The new commode is brought into the bathroom and prepared.
  • New commode is settled into position and assembled.
  • New flexible piping is installed and pipes feeding the commode are connected.
  • Toilet is sealed into place.
  • The water line is reactivated and the flush mechanism is tested.
  • If everything functions correctly, the installation is complete.

Numerous special tools and skills are required for each stage of commode removal and placement. Mistakes at any time can result in improper placement, poor line connectivity, and other problems. Because there are so many moments when errors can occur, commode removal and installation should be handled by professionals.

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