Water Softeners vs Chlorine Filters – Whats the difference?

December 23rd, 2019

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of things can be very confusing about plumbing. I’ve been in the industry for years now, and the one thing that can get the most confusing for people is water filtration. But, don’t sweat it. Stick around, and let’s talk water.


Water Filtration – Why?

Here in Utah, (Salt Lake City and Provo areas) we have very hard water. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard that term thrown around before – you know, “hard water.” First time I heard that term used I was like “What does that even mean? How can water be hard?”

It’s actually pretty simple. You see, we got some beautiful mountains here. Those mountains are actually where we get our water from! The snow densely compacts up there, then gets filtered with chlorine, then is pumped directly to your home. You know all those minerals from the mountains that got in the water? Yeah, they’re still there. And you know all that chlorine the city dumped in the water to kill the bacteria? Yeah.. that’s still there too. That’s a problem.

Minerals in the water damage fixtures immensely over the years. It causes calcification in your waterlines. Whether they’re PEX, copper, or galvanized, it is slowly eating away the pipe, while causing buildup. Think of plumbing cholesterol. This will greatly shorten the life of all water-based appliances in your home. Anything from Water Heaters to Washing Machines. It’ll even damage your own hair and skin. And that chlorine? It off-gasses when you shower in the water. What if I told you, that the Medical College of Wisconsin did a prolonged study, and that at the end of the study they came to a very clear conclusion. “We are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water.” They then filed this report into the Library of National Medicine. 

How to fix it.

This is an astronomical issue. Luckily, we’re experts, and we have a solution. Our expert technicians are trained in the most modern forms of water and chemical treatment for domestic water, to date. It all starts with a mineral test, then a chlorine test. These take place right before your eyes, right in your own home. Our compact test kits are extremely accurate, telling us exactly how many grains per gallon of minerals, or chemicals are in your water, at your house.

This tells us exactly what we are working with.

Our expert technician then sizes the house. (How many bathrooms, what type of fixtures, etc.)

That way, we know what system will work perfectly, for you.

We then install two different types of filters, custom made for your home. First off, a Water Softener. This system uses a process called the Zeolite process. Basically, it uses chemically treated resin to remove the hard minerals from the water with an ion exchange process. Check out this short, informative video by Scott Milam. It shows clearly the effect that resin has on hard water, and its direct removal.

Secondly, we install a Carbon Filter. This too, is sized specifically for your home, based on your chlorine levels, in your house. This nifty filter runs water through activated carbon, and forces the water to clean itself. It removes much more than Chlorine. it removes Trihalomethanes, Mercury, Pesticides & Herbicides, and even lead (if certified.)

How is it installed?

The system is plumbed into a “softener loop.” if the home has one. If not, one will be plumbed in by one of our experts. The system is then installed Softener first, then Carbon Filter. Want to see what it looks like? Check it out! This system was installed in our very own training facility in Orem, Utah.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 801-224-8118. We are your Water Filtration specialists for Utah County and the Wasatch Front. And don’t forget…


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