Ways to Spot Water Heater Damage

February 16th, 2017

We’re still in the throes of late winter, and it’s vital to keep you and your family warm in the home. At Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re your go-to stop in Utah for everything from furnace installation to water heater repair.

Water heaters are especially important this time of year. They’ve gone through a lot of use through the cold winter, and could be experiencing some wear and tear. Here are some ways you can recognize possible problems in the water heater in time to solve them without a costly fix.

Noise in the Tank

One of the biggest potential issues in water heaters is the buildup of sediment and other debris in your tank. This debris can harden and collect near flow locations, and can limit your heater’s ability to process the proper amounts of water.

This buildup can leave signs, notably a noisy indicator. Hardened deposits will move around in the tank, and may bang against the walls and cause a loud rumbling or banging sound. If you hear these noises consistently, it could be the first sign of an issue.

Leaks Around Tank

Another common sign of an issue is more visible – leaks in the tank. These are usually a small crack, but could be precursors to something much worse. Visible water pooling around the tank is a good sign, though you should make sure the leak is actually coming from the tank itself and not a connector or fitting.

Rusty Water

You may also notice the issues within your water, as well. Water will have a rusty taste or smell, often caused by rust forming inside the tank breaking away and making their way into your water supply. However, this could also be caused by galvanized piping – to test this, empty a few buckets of hot water from the heater, and check the water. If there’s still rust after three or four buckets, it’s a sign that the rust is in the heater (since it never passes through the pipes at all during your test).


Finally, perhaps the simplest sign of potential water heater damage is the age of the heater. If your heater is over 10 years old, you should be having regular maintenance checks by a plumber to make sure there’s no issue.

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