What Are the Six Most Common Plumbing Repairs and Services?

May 17th, 2016

6 Most Common Plumber Repairs and Service

Plumbing issues are an unfortunate reality of the modern world, but that’s what your local plumber is for! Do you know the reasons behind why most people call their plumber? Here are the top six services:

  1. Water Heater

Water heaters and tanks get repeated daily use, which might explain why they are responsible for some many plumbing calls. Common issues include needing replacement, tank leakage, failing heating elements and similar issues.

  1. Sewer and Water Lines 

Sometimes it’s difficult for you to tell the sewer and water lines are the cause of the issue. Clogs, leaks and other obstruction issues can sneak up on homeowners. It’s common to replace, re-pipe and repair these important lines.

  1. Toilet Issues

Many toilet issues result from clogs, toilet tank components or plumbing issues elsewhere. However, clients also might call a plumber to help replace a toilet properly.

  1. Plumbing Inspections

If you’re buying an older property, you might want to inspect the space for a number of things, including plumbing. Conversely, if you recently completed a renovation, you might need to make sure your changes meet the codes of the area.

  1. Faucets and Sinks Services

Sometimes, you’ll just need to flat out replace an old faucet. However, your plumber might also just need to tighten a few things and maybe replace a pipe. Either way, you call your plumber.

  1. Service or Renovation Questions

Are you going to renovate or remodel? Before you give yourself a bathroom the size of a baseball field, you’ll need to ensure your design won’t violate local codes. You’ll probably also need someone to install your new water heater and various fixtures.

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