When Should You Call a Professional Plumber?

October 7th, 2015

The plumbing in your house is something that many people take for granted when it’s working, but it can quickly cause problems for your personal comfort, and the comfort and safety of your home, if your plumbing is having issues. Sometimes when people spot a leak or an appliance that needs repair they want to try and do it on their own without calling a professional, but the truth is that when it comes to plumbing, there are truly some jobs that are best left to the pros.

Continuous Leaking Faucet

You may be able to spot the problem and get it fixed when your faucet is leaking incessantly, but if you cannot immediately fix it, that dripping faucet is costing you serious money and wasting a lot of water. It might not seem like much one small drip at a time, but over the course of a year it could add up to more than 3,000 gallons—that’s more than 8 gallons of wasted water every day. By calling a plumber you’ll be sure to get it repaired immediately and stop the flow of wasted water.

Clogged Drains

Sure, there are plenty of products out there that purportedly will help you unclog your drain without the help of a professional plumber, but the harsh chemicals used can cause pipes to deteriorate, so the money you save now could come back in the form of higher costs to replace your pipes sooner. If it’s an object that’s obstructing your pipes, you will have a hard time finding and removing it on your own without the right tools.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

If your water isn’t flowing correctly, you need to identify the problem and get it fixed. In some cases it could be really simple—mineral deposits blocking the pipes, for example—but in other situations it could be more serious, and ignoring it could actually lead to burst pipes or other problems. If you notice issues with water flow throughout your home, it’s probably a bigger problem with your supply line—something you want a plumber to diagnose and fix.

Frozen Pipes

In the middle of a cold Utah winter, perhaps one of the biggest dangers your pipes face is the possibility they will freeze. Trying to repair frozen pipes on your own could quickly lead to cracks or a burst pipe, both of which will cause flooding and a much bigger mess. Rather than taking a chance trying to thaw out your pipes and hoping for the best, just call Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.

Foul Smells Coming from Your Drains

Your pipes handle everything that goes down the drain, and sometimes the mixture of things like soap residue, hair, and other items can build up and create a place where mold or other unpleasant things can grow. When that happens you will probably notice it from the smell, and that’s the time to call a plumber to find out where the problem is. These experts can also help you find out if there is any mold so you can get it properly cleaned before it causes respiratory issues.

Don’t hesitate to call a plumber when you find something that goes beyond your basic DIY plumbing skills. In many cases it will save you time and money to hire the pros.