Professional and Efficient Sewer Line Repair in Utah

April 18th, 2022

There’s no elegant way to talk about sewage. Sewage problems are just… gross. They’re often a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The smell of backed-up sewer pipes can cause you to run for the hills. Worse, though, is when sewer contaminants back up into your shower or floor. Ideally, our experts will be called out before any of that happens!

Below we cover signs to look for when considering sewer repair or replacement, causes of sewer line damage, and concerns to be aware of when working with any sewer repair company.


What is a Sewer Line and Why Are They Important?

Your sewer line is where all of the wastewater from every drain and toilet in your home goes, and it’s a critical part of your home’s plumbing.

Without a proper waste disposal system, you can experience a whole host of issues: spreading diseases, mold outbreaks, and breathing problems. At Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re just as serious about helping your family stay healthy as we are about plumbing.

Sewer repair or replacement isn’t usually an easy fix. The difficulty in this comes from accessing the damage, as it can be very troublesome to view the entirety of your sewer system.

If you’ve been told you need a sewer line repair in Utah, reach out to our experts. We’ll investigate any problem you might be having in a timely, educating manner.


Signs You May Need a Sewer Repair or Replacement in Utah:

  • One or more of your drains is backed up frequently: if you flush the toilet and the toilet, sink, and shower drains all spit up water, there’s a clog in a main pipe somewhere.
  • Your drains are slow: if your drains are slow to… well, drain… you’re on your way to a larger clog. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, which can ultimately make the situation much worse by corroding your pipes. Try natural alternatives or call in the Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical. It’s worth it!
  • You smell sewage around your property: if it smells like sewage, it probably is.
  • Your lawn has become indented: indentations in your yard may indicate a break in the line or a sagging pipe. Changes to your grass are also a big red flag. Soggy patches or extra green, lush patches mean sewage is probably coming up from the pipes below and fertilizing your lawn.
  • You notice growing mold in your home: leaking sewage pipes often result in moisture accumulating in places you don’t want moisture.This can cause fungi and mold to grow in seemingly strange areas of your home. If you notice a mold spot, look for other signs of sewer damage.
  • Gurgling noise when you flush the toilet or use the sink: we’re talking toilet water bubbling, gurgling sounds when you flush, or backed-up water in the shower after flushing your toilet.
  • Your sewer clean-out is filled with water. Find your sewer clean-out in your yard (it’s normally marked with a square plastic or round metal lid) and remove the pipe cap. If you see standing water or water is rushing out of the pipe, your line likely needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sometimes, a damaged sewer line doesn’t make itself known right away. If you start to notice an increase in your water bill or water damage around your floors and foundation, this could also indicate that you have a sewer line issue.


Causes of Sewer Line Damage in Utah

Listed below are some of the most common causes of sewer line damage we see

Tree roots are one of the frequent reasons for external damage to your waste disposal system. Basically, trees see the wastewater in sewer lines as “fertilizer.” As roots grow around your pipes trying to get at these nutrients, they create cracks of all sizes. Tree roots have been known to crush or completely fill whole sewer lines! Even if you don’t have trees in your own yard, a neighbor’s tree could easily become your plumbing nightmare.

Physical obstructions or clogs in your sewer line can cause serious blockages and build-up, which can then lead to wastewater backing up into your home or yard. So repeat after us: “Your toilet is not a trash can.” Our experts often see misuse of a home’s draining systems as a huge cause of failure. We’ve pulled all sorts of things out of sewer pipes: garbage, toys, diapers, cooking grease, paper towels, feminine products, menstrual products, “flushable wipes,” and even too much toilet paper at one time. All of these can lead to blockages or clogs in your sewer pipes. And even if you take care of your pipes, dirt, debris, and hair can create obstructions in your sewer lines over time.

Living in Utah, earthquakes can also cause severe destruction to your home and sewer lines. It can be easy to overlook your home’s plumbing after literally being shaken by an earthquake, but it’s wise to look over things after any major tremor. The shifting of soil can cause sewer lines to crack and pipes to loosen at their joints. Just the shockwaves themselves can disrupt any part of your plumbing system that’s located underground.

Old age doesn’t just affect our bodies. General wear-and-tear, corrosion, and sediment build-up increase over the lifetime of your sewer line, which can create blockages, leaks, or cracks in your piping. Natural soil movement over time causes sagging sewer lines (also known as bellies in your sewer line), which can become a problem when the low spots create repeat blockages, ruptures, or leaks. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help, but ultimately sewer pipes have a shorter lifespan than your sewage needs.


Types of Sewer Excavation, Replacement, and Repair Offered by Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical

Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical offers all types of repair services for your sewer line needs. These include:

Drain Cable Machines are sections of cable that are coupled together one at a time and fed down a pipe to scour the inside as they spin. This can relieve blockages and build up and prevent more extreme damage. Not only can the cable rid your sewer lines of obstructions like roots and blockages, but it can also help return your pipes to their original diameter. This increases flow and helps your drainage system run smoothly. However, sometimes more aggressive cleaning is needed to get your pipes to their original diameter, like jetting or descaling with a Picote machine.

Pipe descaling is the removal of accumulated minerals and rust from the inner surfaces of water, drainage, or sewer pipes. This is basically a more extreme version of a drain cable machine with a variety of specialty cutting heads and chains that can remove scale, concrete, thicker obstructions, larger root systems, portions of collapsed sewer lines, and even some metal in the lines like rebar.

Hydro-jetting involves using water at very high pressure to scour the inside surfaces of pipes. This water helps in removing grease, scale, and any other debris that might have built up on the walls of the pipe over time.



When descaling and hydro-jetting, our experts can use cameras simultaneously to ensure we find and repair whatever’s causing damage to your sewer line. Our experts actually use cameras far more with a descaling Picote machine. In most cases, using a Picote is more innovative than hydro jetting. Depending on the pipe, hydro-jetting water pressure can reach up to 4000 PSI. No matter what option you choose, we use cameras after most cleanings to see what the root of the issue is.


Perma-Liner is actually the leading manufacturer & supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation in North America. When it comes to equipment and materials, Perma-Liner requires no digging or excavation to repair sewer pipelining. This means that you no longer have to dig up your yard or flooring to tackle plumbing issues, which saves you thousands on digging up floors, replacing floors, or digging up your yard and replacing your lawn and/or landscaping. Perma-Liner also offers seamless sewer lines that can last up to 50 years! Talk to our expert about the warranties associated with Perma-Liner.

Total sewer line replacement is necessary in some cases. If your sewer system is beyond repair, we will professionally advise you and give recommendations on the way forward. We know how to make replacing your sewer lines fit your budget and work for you best!



Warning Signs When Choosing a Sewer Repair Company

It’s important to be aware and know what to look for when deciding what company will repair your waste disposal system. We’d like to share this because, unfortunately, our experts constantly run into companies that pressure people into repairs that don’t exist.

The AARP notes that home improvement scam artists can include “travelers,” which are crews that hit unsuspecting targets for repair work, charge exorbitant upfront fees, and then disappear.

“(They) specifically look for older folks — homes with wheelchair ramps, handicap placards on cars, lawn figurines and unkempt yards,” Police Officer Ryan Young told “It’s not hard to quickly recognize someone with diminished capacity.”

Any sewer repair company should be licensed, insured, trained, and bonded with the city. Be sure to ask for these verifications and licenses.

It is generally good practice to talk to another professional before agreeing to any additional, major work.

Be sure they show you the video of your damaged sewer and that you are present during the video inspection.

Don’t take risks with your home or bank account. If a questionable contractor approaches you, feel empowered to walk away. If you don’t trust the contractor working with your friend or family member, have the courage to ask questions. Demand to see the work in progress, the agreement, and any required permits.


When Should You Call Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical About Sewer Issues?

Obvious signs that point to possible sewer damage are slow or backed-up drains, dysfunctional toilets, an indented lawn or soggy grass, and the smell of sewage. We’ve listed details on what to look for above, and while very few people would try fixing a sewer line themselves, call us first before trying anything!

Keep in mind that the sooner an issue is discovered and resolved, the better. Time is a key factor in ensuring your lines are not damaged extensively and require costly repairs. If you’re worried about pricing, we offer a variety of financing options, including no-interest plans to help you get the service you need.

Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Utah County and Salt Lake City! We’re committed to getting you the service you need at any time as we want to keep our customers safe and healthy in their homes.




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