Risks of Dealing with an Inexperienced Plumber

June 16th, 2017

When you’re in need of plumbing repair or services, you come to the pros at Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical because of our expertise and reputation. We’ve spent years developing ourselves as reputable plumbing experts in Utah, and our results speak for themselves.

What can happen if you trust your home’s plumbing to a plumber without our level of expertise? The results can be very damaging in some cases. Here are issues you might face when dealing with an inexperienced plumber.

Loose Pipes

If pipes are improperly put together or improperly fitted during installation, this could lead to significant drainage issues in the home. Noise is often the first sign here, but practicality issues often won’t show up until later – after damage has become significant enough to require major repairs like busting through walls.


In a similar area, leaks are a common issue for inexperienced plumbers. They build or fit pipes incorrectly, then move on to a new area, often allowing walls and other structures to be put in place around faulty pipes during construction. Not only will this make detecting any leaks difficult, it will often give water a long period of time to soak in and damage home structures. This can lead to major problems and damage with the home’s foundation, which could cause extremely expensive repairs.

Weak Structure

The status of the connections and basic placement of pipes is one of the foundational elements of home plumbing. If pipe connections aren’t strong, it won’t matter how strong the materials themselves are – this will lead to leaks and water damage. An inexperienced plumber won’t know how to build certain structures, or how to connect others. Once again, you often won’t find out until later, when repairs are very expensive.

Incomplete Service

Whether it’s installation of pipes or repairs in various areas, incomplete service might be the biggest problem with an inexperienced plumber. This could be something as simple as a valve not tightened well enough causing a leak, or something as major as a pipe that’s not sealed and causes major leaks in a tough area. Any skipped or missed steps can cause issues, and these are simply more likely with a less reputable vendor.

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