Tips for Cleaning Shower Heads

August 15th, 2017

The shower uses some of the most water of any household appliance, and the shower head itself is the conduit for all this water. This means the shower head is one of the elements that can undergo strain over time, and properly maintaining it is important.

At Expert Services- Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, our plumbers are here to help with all these sorts of tasks. Here are a few tips for properly cleaning a shower head to help avoid clogged nozzles and poor water pressure, among other issues.


For shower heads that come with flexible rubber nozzles, you can clean these yourself. Simply massaging each nozzle with your finger, or with a toothbrush if you prefer it, will help dislodge any mineral buildups that may have been leading toward a more damaging clog. Doing this every so often will help prevent buildups that become too strong for you to clear out on your own, and require professional service.

Soak Shower Head

Soaking the shower head in a vinegar solution is a great way to cleanse it of any debris and dirt on both sides. There are two possible methods you can use here:

  • To perform this without detaching the shower head, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap it around the shower head. Secure it with a rubber band, tape or a twist tie. Leave the bag there for a few hours, and when you’re finished, turn on the water for a few minutes to clear the vinegar out of the shower head.
  • If you’re able to remove the head, submerge it in a container full of white vinegar. Soak it for a few hours, then re-attach it and run the water for a few minutes to clear out any excess vinegar.

Clean Filter Screen

This may require consultation of the shower’s manual, or via the brand’s website. Generally, filters are located in the part of the shower head that connects to the pipe, meaning you’ll have to remove the shower head to get to the screen. Once this happens, you can run the screen under water for a few minutes, plus lightly use a toothbrush to brush out any mineral deposits.

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